Living comfortably in 270-sq. ft

Living comfortably in 270-sq. ft

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Building a house in 270-sq. ft may be an uphill task for an architect while an average Indian can easily build and live in such a house comfortably. But the Iranian architect, Abdolrahman Kadkhodasalehi has designed a house, award winning one, in 270 square feet which can give you comfort and also aesthetics. The design has won the fourth annual Ryterna Architectural Challenge Tiny House competition.

Abdolrahman is a 30 years old architect from Iran graduated from Islamic Azad University of Mahabad and has received Masters Degree in Architecture. He is currently an architect and has established his own architecture office – BAO.

The competition was organised by Ryterna Modul, a European company that creates modular buildings, containers, and mobile constructions recorded 150 entries from 88 countries throughout the world. This year’s competition asked the participants to design a TINY HOUSE, which has to be no bigger than 25sq.m (269sq.ft) and has to feature four areas: kitchen, sanitary room, sleeping area and living area. And that’s not it. The only available outside communication is electricity, meaning that drinking water for example or black water has to come and go somewhere and do no harm to environment.

Wave House as the structure designed by Abdolrahman Kadkhodasalehi is called, feels much larger than its 270 square feet. Large planes of glass used in the design blurs the line between the interior and exterior of the dwelling. While the curved design helps to provide sufficient space for water supply, such as pumping water and heating water systems more easily, it also adds to the aesthetics of the structure.