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Mega housing programme kicks off in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy yesterday virtually launched the YSR Jagananna Colonies project across the state which aims to build 15.6 lakh houses by June 2022.  An amount of Rs 28,084 crore has been earmarked for this phase.

In both the phases of ‘Pedalandhariki Illu’ scheme, as many as 28,30,227 houses will be constructed at a cost of Rs 50,944 crore.  In the phase-2, 12.7 lakh houses would be constructed. While the first phase is set for completion by June 2022, the second phase will be completed by June 2023.

It may be recalled that the state government had already set a record even in distribution of house sites to about 30.76 lakh beneficiaries. Of the 8,905 layouts in the first phase, 11.26 lakh houses are being constructed as YSR Jagananna Colonies. Similarly, construction of 2,92,984 houses is being started for the beneficiaries with their own land along with 1,40,465 houses for the beneficiaries with allotted land.

Authorities have been directed to focus on infrastructure facilities with an expenditure of Rs 32,909 crore. The government is spending Rs 4,128 crore on drinking water, Rs 22,587 crore on roads and drainage, Rs 4,986 crore on power supply, Rs 627 crore on internet and Rs 567 crore on other facilities.

Each house with a uniform design will be built in 340 square feet area with a bedroom, hall, kitchen, bathroom and porch. Also, each house is provided with two fans, two tube lights, four bulbs, and a plastic tank. The mapping and registration required for the construction of houses have already been completed and geo-tagging works are in the final stages.

The government is procuring 69.7 lakh tonnes of cement, 7.44 lakh tonnes of steel, 310 lakh tonnes of sand and other materials for the initial construction. The government will also provide 20 tonnes of sand at free of cost from nearby sand rigs for the construction works.

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