MMRDA to make architects’ life easier

MMRDA to make architects’ life easier

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To further help in achieving ease of doing business and also in order to fasten the process of implementation of infrastructure projects, the Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (MMRDA) plans to develop electronic system for master plan. MMRDA will develop an electronic system which would help in submitting the master plan of a project work by the architect through online. By doing this, MMRDA hopes to save time and efforts of an appointed architect for a project work. At present, the architects are required to go personally to office of MMRDA to submit the plan to the concerned official which is time consuming.

The proposed electronic system would be implemented by June 2018. This system would be implemented in the upcoming projects of which the master plan is yet to be prepared.

The MMRDA already has an electronic office system for file records management, building plan approval system and a web portal to ensure a digital platform for easy implementation of a project work. The electronic office system helps an employee within MMRDA to search for any data related to a project work on the system. Unlike in the case of physical files, new system saves considerable time and efforts in searching files. The employees have been trained to use the system which is being operated through a single connectivity.

MMRDA is also implementing a building plan approval software for easy approvals through online by the concerned Assistant Metropolitan Commissioner of the authority.