Mobile recycler unit to recycle construction waste

Mobile recycler unit to recycle construction waste

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Christopher Maurer and his team at Redhouse Studio in collaboration with NASA, MIT and other agencies is working on a project to build a prototype of a mobile recycler unit – Biocycler – that can be brought to destination and recycle waste building materials on site. Living orgasms are used as the binders of ground up materials instead of glues so as to ensure that the process is eco-friendly. This can be game changer idea – making building materials directly from the old!

Once the Biocycler becomes commercially viable, it can solve many problems with single stroke. For example, in case of a natural disaster, Biocycler can be used to  build dignified and insulated relief shelters directly on site of natural disasters. Further, this programme can mitigate the problem of disposal of millions of tons of demolition waste that go to land fills each year. 

The materials that are made using ‘Biocycler’ will go through a battery of tests to show that they are equal or superior to commercially produced materials that may be deleterious to the environment. The multi-functional materials are insulative, structural and fir-resistant and in future could replace framing, insulation and fire boards. If protected from excess moisture the materials will last indefinitely, but at the end of the life-cycle can be composted. 

Interestingly, Redhouse Studio is collaborating with research scientists fromobile recycler unit m NASA and MIT for this project as this project aims to save resources, limit waste, and promote green technology.