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MoHUA approves more affordable houses

Affordable housing got another boost when the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs has approved the construction of 1,86,777 more affordable houses for the benefit of urban poor under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) with an investment of Rs.11,169 cr with central assistance of Rs. 2,797 cr.

Haryana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are the top three beneficiaries in terms of number of houses granted. While Haryana has been sanctioned 53,290 houses in 38 cities and towns with an investment of Rs.4,322cr with central assistance of Rs.799 cr, Tamil Nadu got 40,623 houses in 65 cities and towns with an investment of Rs.2,314cr and central assistance of Rs.609 cr followed by Karnataka which was sanctioned 32,656 affordable houses in 95 cities with an investment of Rs.1,461cr and central assistance of Rs.490 cr.

The approval accorded was for construction of 1,08,095 new houses under the Beneficiary Led Construction (BLC) component of PMAY (Urban), building, 26,672 in Tamil Nadu, 16,630 in Karnataka, 13,663 houses in Haryana, 11,411 in Bihar, 9,461 in Kerala, 8,768 in Gujarat, 7,088 in Maharashtra, 5,698 in Uttarakhand and 5,133 houses in Odisha. Total 36,056 in Haryana, 16,026 in Karnataka, 13,951 in Tamil Nadu, 6,246 in Gujarat, 5,035 in Maharashtra, 528 in Uttarakhand – under Affordable Housing in Partnership (AHP) component.

With the above proposed houses, cumulative houses under PMAY(U) would become 37,83,392 after final approval from CSMC.  Further, after subsuming projects of RAY scheme the total number of houses being funded under PMAY(Urban) would be 39,25,240 houses.

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