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Museums planned at 2 heritage sites in Delhi

The state archaeology department, SAD, in Delhi has planned to set up two museums at Mutiny Memorial in Kamala Nehru Ridge and Qudsia Bagh near Kashmiri Gate Interstate Bus Terminal (ISBT). The objective of the SAD is to attract more visitors to two less popular heritage sites associated with the revolt of 1857, Indian freedom struggle, in the national capital.

The Mutiny Memorial, now known as Ajitgarh, is a memorial situated in front of Old Telegraph Building near Kashmiri Gate. It was built in memory of all those who had fought in the Delhi Field Force, British and Indian, during the Indian Rebellion of 1857. The tower was renamed to Ajeetgarh in 1972 on the 25th anniversary of Indian freedom to honour Indian martyrs. The memorial was built in the Gothic style in red sandstone, with four tiers rising from an octagonal base. The lowest tier consists of seven faces containing memorial plaques and one face holding the stairs to the upper tiers.

The museum at Qudsia Bagh will be the first of its kind in the national capital. It will feature exhibits and other artefacts depicting the life of women especially the leading residents of Delhi.

Qudsia Bagh is a garden-palace complex which was built in 1748 for Qudsia Begum, wife of 12th Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah Rangeela. It is located outside Kashmiri Gate in the north of the old city — Shahjahanabad. Majority of the portion was destroyed during the rebellion of 1857. The museum at the 18th-century garden will be housed in the surviving Baradari (12-door pavilion), which is a blend of Persian and British architecture, where restoration work is currently being carried out.

The Delhi government may rope in an expert committee for these two projects. SAD is exploring an open gallery as new structures cannot be built at the site. At the same time, it also poses a challenge as the area has significant population of monkeys.

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