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Nagaland may become hub of bamboo based handicrafts

Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has launched a pilot project for upskilling the cane and bamboo artisans of Nagaland under Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). The objective of this initiative is to upskill the local weavers and artisans to enhance their productivity through RPL assessment and certification in traditional handicrafts. The project targets to upskill over 4,000 craftsmen and artisans.

The upskilling project under RPL is expected to improve the competencies of the unorganized workforce existing in the geography. The artisans and weavers will be aligned with the standardized National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF). Under the initiative, each batch shall run for 12 days with 12 hours orientation and 60 hours Bridge Module.  Further, after the orientation programme along with the Bridge Module, the artisans and weavers shall be certified with the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Type-1. The training delivery partners for the upskilling initiative are Cane Concept and Handloom Naga.

The project will be implemented in different phases including selection of artisans and weavers, Training of Trainers (ToT), and upskilling of artisans and weavers through RPL with Bridge Module. The artisans and weavers will be selected from the traditional crafts clusters of Nagaland. The selection will be made basis the existing experience of these candidates. The trainers will be selected either from the existing database or a Training of Trainer (ToT) programme will be conducted for the existing artisans and weavers from the proposed clusters. The artisans and weavers will be trained in innovative and upgraded techniques of making handmade products. Post training all the artisans and weavers will work in micro units which are set-up in their respective clusters. During this time the beneficiaries will be encouraged to participate actively in external deliberation so that at the final stage, they are able to manage market linkages on their own.

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