Nagpur railway station aims for Green certification

Nagpur railway station aims for Green certification

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Nagpur Railway Station, one of the oldest railway stations in India, is eyeing Green certification for the station. For preparing to be certified as Green Railway Station, the division has decided to hire a consultant to suggest modalities for carrying out necessary changes in building’s interior and exterior. The consultant will study the entire building and  identify the area where station lacks and suggest measures for the same. Railway Station’s efficiency in controlling air pollution,  use of renewable energy, water harvesting etc., are the deciding factors in getting Green certification.  The ratings are decided in Platinum, Gold and Silver category.

After Secunderabad railway station in Telangana was certified as the first green railway station in India in 2017, several other stations have shown keen interest in becoming Green stations. There are nearly 400 railway stations which are proposed to be redeveloped which will also be retrofitted with Green features. Green stations mainly produce efficiency on energy and water consumption and handling of solid waste.

In case of Nagpur station, ventilation system is likely to be improved so that natural air and breeze could move freely. Also, roof top solar system is liekly to be installed to generate power to be used in the station. Another area to be looked upon is the water harvesting system.

In 2008, Nagpur Junction Railway Station was among 22 stations in India that were recommended to be upgraded to meet international standards. Priority areas  identified then were: security, safety and cleanliness. Work was to be undertaken via Public-Private Partnerships and the Central Railway. However, nothing much has happened on that front since then.

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