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Nano vitrified tiles are becoming popular

Of late, nano polished vitrified tiles are getting very good response in the market, according to some tiles’ manufacturers. The product, introduced recently in Indian market is finding favourable response especially from the customers in tier 3 & 4 cities and towns and, in some cases, rural India.

According to some interior designers and architects, people have started a liking for these tiles due to their excellent finish and certain other qualities. Above all, these tiles are 20-30% cheaper than the normal double charged vitrified tiles while providing similar looks and finish. Also, some of the preferred sizes have now become scarce in the market as they are being diverted to exports market, people have started to go for nano tiles.

Nano Tiles are an upgrade to the general ceramic tiles that companies have been manufacturing all these years. Intense competition in the international market has forced the tiles manufacturers to offer more sophisticated products and nano tiles are the result of such efforts.

Nano polish is based on Chemical-Nanotechnology and the specially formulated product contains functional nano particles that are specially linked into a silicon matrix in a solvent base. Such self-organizing Nano components will form an invisible layer on the surface of vitrified tiles which will have excellent water/dust repellent & anti-bacterial properties.

The floor surface is more prone to get spoiled by ink, food items, tea, coffee, liquor, other liquids or dirt. One way to protect the floor from them is by applying nano coating. Nano coated tile’s surface becomes water repellent and thus it does not easily absorb the stain. In short, nano coating retains the quality of the surface for a very long time.

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