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Narayankoti temple to be renovated

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed last week by the Union tourism minister, Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board, the culture department and Socio-Legal Research & Education Foundation (SLRE) for the facelift of Narayankoti temple in Rudraprayag district.

According to this MoU, the SLRE Foundation would develop various amenities for tourists and visitors at the heritage site. These include construction of roads, installation of street lights, garbage disposal system, availability of clean drinking water, development of a parking area and facelift of the entrance and boundary walls around the temple complex. Earlier this year, the site had been identified for the tourism ministry’s Adopt a Heritage project.

This is the 29th MoU signed under the scheme, which was launched in September 2017. The monument mitra will use its CSR funds to create and maintain tourist amenities for a period of five years.

Narayana Koti is a group of temples dedicated to Lakshmi Narayana which is associated with Pandavas. Nine planetary temples are also enshrined in the temples present in this temple complex, which is installed as a symbol of the planets. The names of the planets are written in carved letters on each wall. Further, the complex includes the temples of Lakshminarayana, Veerabhadra and Satyanarayana Bhagwan. The complex also has a stone tank.

The temple group is said to have been built before the 9th century AD. From time to time, due to the impact of disasters and lack of care, now there are only 29 temples, whereas in the past there were 360 temples in groups.

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