National Conference on “Prison Design” in Visakhapatnam

National Conference on “Prison Design” in Visakhapatnam

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This will be the first ever National Conference on “Prison Design” which will be held in Visakhapatnam today. The two-day  conference is being hosted by the DG Prison, Andhra Pradesh on the behalf of State and is being   sponsored by the Bureau of Police Research & Development (BPR&D).

This conference aims to provide a platform to the Senior Police officers, Prison officers and Architects from Prison Department and Police Housing Corporation to meet and deliberate upon on the various issues relating with planning, Design and Constructions of prison keeping in view the safety and security need as well as administrative ease of day to day functioning of the prison. The idea of conference is also to incorporate new construction technology, Information and Communication Technologies and modern safety and security gadgets in Prison Administration, besides ensuring conducive living environment in a holistic sense.

The deliberations of the conference will focus on the following themes:

  • Design Criteria of region-wise categories of Jails, space requirement for different activities in the Prison Complex
  • Inter-relationship of various activities in the Prison Complex and their layout
  • Security aspects i.e. perimeter wall height, electric fencing, segregation walls inside prison, watch towers, high security block, quarantine block CCTV, metal detector, luggage scanners and construction details etc.
  • Use of latest technology for Prison Design & Construction
  • Health & hygiene of inmates and overcrowding in prison
  • Sharing of Best Practices by States

BPR&D aims to provide synergetic platform to all  Prison professionals, Police Officials and civil Architects to evolve better “Prison Designs” suiting to the safety and security needs of the prison, ease in handling the administration of the prisons  on one hand and provide conducive structures for humane living conditions for the inmates as per the constitutional mandates.