New building bye law planned for Nilachal hill

New building bye law planned for Nilachal hill

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The Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) is planning a new building bye law for Nilachal hill. Though the Nilachal hill is presently under GMDA area and is governed by the present Master Plan, in order to preserve the historical significance and to conserve the rich biodiversity present, GMDA has decided to formulate a specific Master Plan along with a separate Building Bye law to regulate and guide the future course of development in the area. A new Master Plan, it is believed, would   protect the area from haphazard growth and also to show case it for future generation.

Along with Master Plan, zoning regulation and building bye law, a conservation plan for its biodiversity will also be undertaken. In order to accomplish this task expeditiously, GMDA is planning to engage reputed consultants to carry out the study through established methodology and to prepare a robust Master Plan and Building Bye law for the hills which would seamlessly integrate with the overall Master Plan for the City.

Building bye law with Development Code will be formulated keeping in mind the conservation/preservation of the archaeological sites and places of historical importance as per established norms.  Development codes will be formulated  for existing developed area as well as proposed developable area as per the Master Plan.

The Consultant will also undertake the exercise based on inputs provided by GMDA showing all sites, features and artifacts having historical, cultural and heritage value including temples.

The project shall be completed within a period of 30 weeks from the date of signing the Agreement.