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New Master Plan for Delhi soon

Delhi Development Authority will soon roll out a new Master Plan for Delhi which will provide blueprint for development in the city for two decades starting 2021. However, many are pessimistic about the Plan being effective in tackling the city’s problems as the targets of the Master Plan 2021 have not been fully met. Many planners had suggested change in the approach – unlike top down approach adopted earlier this time they wanted DDA to involve citizens in the process of planning. Though public meetings and feedback mechanism are part of the exercise of preparation of the Plan most believe that all these are only on paper and DDA will follow traditional top down approach in the preparation of Plan.

While preparing Master Plan 2021 too public consultations were undertaken but that was at the end of the preparation of the plan when the document was almost ready. Experts give the example of Kerala where the state government has prepared an integrated district development plan based on the inputs provided from local area development plan. Such an exercise would have helped in making the plan realistic as it would help in addressing concerns from all areas, as each area/municipal ward has different concerns.

The plan for 2041 is expected focus on issues like walkability, redevelopment, street infrastructure, sustainability, quality public transport integrated into Geographic Information Systems (GIS), data on air pollution and regulation of unauthorized colonies.

As the urbanisation is expected to pick up further momentum, the Plan should ideally consider housing, urban mobility and pollution control. As concerns of global warming is becoming more and more alarming, the Plan should also  have sufficient provisions to address those issues, experts feel.

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