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New Secretariat will reflect prestige & culture of the state: KCR

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao wants the new integrated Secretariat complex to be designed in a manner that it will showcase the stateliness of Telangana besides functioning as the administrative headquarters of the State with all facilities and amenities. He asked the officials concerned to call for tenders only after finalising the facilities and amenities inside the new Secretariat complex.

The Telangana CM said another building complex will be constructed near the proposed Secretariat complex to accommodate all the heads of departments to ensure that the entire government machinery functioned in complete tandem.

The new Secretariat complex will reflect the prestige and culture of the State and it will be fully-equipped for the Chief Minister, Ministers, the Chief Secretary and all the Secretaries concerned to perform their duties in a smooth manner. While the exteriors of the new Secretariat will showcase the grandeur, the interiors will be designed with all amenities and equipment.

The CM also said that all aspects including the chambers of Ministers and Secretaries along with conference halls, departmental offices, lunch halls, centralised strong rooms and record rooms among others, would be thoroughly discussed before finalising the design. Location of religious structures, banks, creche, visitors lounge, parking and the office of security personnel will also be finalised after taking all issues into consideration.

It may be recalled here that the stage was set for construction of new Secretariat building in Telangana last month as the state High Court dismissed the batch petitions filed against the demolition of existing state Secretariat buildings complex situated at Saifabad in Hyderabad. The HC found no irregularity in the cabinet decision to demolish the Secretariat. Soon after that, existing structures were demolished including some old heritage structures to pave the way for new construction.

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