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NFT drop of works of Raja Ravi Varma soon                  

RtistiQ, a physical and digital art marketplace, will collaborate with gallery g and Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation for non-fungible token (NFT) drop of works of the celebrated Indian painter Raja Ravi Varma. All works by the artist being dropped as NFTs have been verified and documented by the Bangalore-based Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation.

On auction will be the never-seen-before NFTs of digital editions of some of the iconic artworks and lithographs of the ‘Father of Indian Modern Art’. Ravi Varma, considered one of the greatest painters in the history of Indian art, was best known for uniting Hindu mythological subject matter with European realist painting style. The rare auction aims to usher his remarkable work into this new era so that his artistic legacy can be extended beyond physical boundaries to the virtual world.

NFT serves as a digital certificate verifying ownership. Its boom has reinvented the collectibles industry and driven excitement to audiences worldwide. The first-of-its-kind collectibles of Raja Ravi Varma are set to be auctioned in the coming weeks through the RtistiQ platform, and will allow collectors to acquire the NFTs using a debit card, credit card or cryptocurrency.

RtistiQ is a distinct physical and digital art marketplace that brings together artworks created by artists from over 38 countries. It leverages innovative technologies such as Blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and near field communication NFC technologies to build trust, transparency & honesty within the art industry.

Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation is a not-for-profit institution that works to preserve and promote the artistic legacy of one of India’s greatest artists. gallery g is well-known for its directional mix of new, established and internationally known artists.

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