Objections over Capitol Complex restoration

Objections over Capitol Complex restoration

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The conservation architectural designs given by an architect hired for the restoration works of all crucial buildings at the Capitol Complex have failed to pass the muster with the engineering wing of the Chandigarh administration. The engineering department has raised certain objections and wants to meet the architect for revising the designs.

Restoration of nine courtrooms forms the major part of the restoration. In the secretariat building, galleries and other public visiting areas are the major parts where the restoration works will be done.

In 2016, the Chandigarh Administration had decided to hire conservation architect for conservation, restoration and management of buildings and monuments in Capitol Complex, designed by the French architect Le Corbusier. The Capitol Complex, which bagged the prestigious world heritage tag of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 2016, has three main buildings: Secretariat, Legislative Assembly and Punjab and Haryana High Court, besides an open-hand monument and martyr’s memorial raised in remembrance of the martyrs of India’s freedom struggle. 

According to the officials of the engineering department the architect has introduced some new items which will take the cost beyond the budget. Also, the engineering department believes that some of the items proposed by the architect are not required for such type of buildings.