Poor quality material used in Noida building

Poor quality material used in Noida building

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Noida building collapse which claimed 9 lives was disaster in waiting to happen as every rule in the book was followed by the builder, but only in the reverse order. Structural norms were ignored and quality of the materials used was poor – the result was collapse of two buildings in pancake style, killing innocent lives and destroying the invaluable property of the survivors.

Those who have examined the rubble believe that even basic norms of the construction might have been ignored in this case. For example, normally, the ratio of cement with sand while preparing construction material is either one is to four, or sometimes one is to five. But in this case, it was one is to 20. In other words, it was basically a structure made of sand! Further, the reinforced iron bars which are used in the construction of columns and beams of buildings are generally 22mm or 25 mm thick. However, in this case only 10mm or 12 mm thick iron bars were used.

On Tuesday night six-storey under-construction building in Greater Noida collapsed on adjacent six-storey building, leading to complete collapse of both the buildings. The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF,) after 66-house rescue operation, recovered nine dead bodies, of which six were males, two females and one child.

Shahberi, the building which collapsed, was built on 2km swamp. More importantly, there are about 200 more similar buildings in the locality.