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Quartz kitchen sinks becoming popular in the West

Demand for quartz sink is growing in USA and European market and this demand is likely to continue in the coming years too. This was mentioned in one of the recent meets by the representatives of Acrysil, one of the largest Quartz sink manufacturers in the world.

Granites are going out of fashion and especially in USA Quartz has taken over its place. Granites are losing sheen as no new colours are coming to the market. It’s believed that amongst all the hard surfaces in the US, Quartz is growing at the fastest rate. USA has always been a trendsetter and the same situation may be seen in India too in the coming years.

Compared to other materials, quartz is an incredibly smooth substance. Unlike many other materials, it is non-porous which ensures that there is no risk of catching food, oils, or acid in pores. Quartz is composed of various minerals. While it has a similar look and feel as stone, it is more flexible and can be manipulated more easily. During its creation, one may have some degree of choice for colors and patterns in quartz which is not possible with other materials.

It may be recalled here that last year in June, USA had lowered duty on quartz imported from India. Earlier USA had levied CVV and Antidumping duty of 87.5% on Indian Quartz, which was later on revised downwards to around 3.19%.

Encouraged by the growing demand manufacturers are going in for capacity expansion. For example, Acrysil is increasing the capacity by 100000 units pa to 700,000 sinks. Capacity expansion will be completed by the second quarter of next financial year. According to the company, it can increase its capacity up to one million sinks pa with the current land available.

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