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Rajasthan govt allows shops selling air conditioners to open

The Rajasthan government has allowed six categories of shops and business establishments, including those selling building materials and air conditioners, to open in the state.

Hardware shops, building material shops, air conditioner, cooler, television, electronic and electric material shops, electronic repairing shops and automobile sale outlets have been allowed to open, it said.

Air conditioner makers now hope that other states too would follow the footsteps of Rajasthan government and allow air conditioner sale outlets to open. Though the lockdown is partially lifted in the country from 3rd May, 130 districts which are considered as Red Zones accounting for nearly 40% of the GDP are still out of action and unless they are opened sizeable stock clearance cannot happen.

It should be noted that the air conditioner makers are the worst hit by lockdown as the period between April and June is the busiest season for them contributing nearly 45% of their annual sales. The problem is compounded by the fact that the dealers are carrying larger than usual inventory partly due to encouraging demand seen in January and partly due to the fear of supply side disruption owing to breakout of Coronavirus in China in December/January. Now their primary task will be to clear the inventory once the market opens after the lockdown is lifted.

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