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Ramayana Museum and Cultural Centre planned in UP

Uttar Pradesh is planning to set up an international level ‘Ramayan Museum and Cultural Centre’ on 10 acres of land at the Ram Snehi Ghat that lies between Ayodhya and Lucknow to enable people to get “grand and divine darshan” of the entire life of Lod Ram in one location.

The museum will have performances of the Ramayana through puppets from Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and others including from India. In addition, a kitchen with dishes from Madhubani, Awadh, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka etc. will be operated. Prabhu Shriram temple will be built for the living room and pooja recitation.

Ramayana-Arts, Culture, Handicrafts, Folk Cuisine, Ramayana Vishwa Yatra Vithika, ‘Ram Van Gaman Marg’, Ramayan based art gallery, Ramayan based library, research and publication center, presentation of Ramayana through puppetry, Ramlila performances in the campus. Along with Ramlila training center, a special center for handicrafts of Ramayana will be established in the form of souvenir shapas.

Construction will be done keeping in mind arrangements for the stay of the state and foreign tourists in the campus. Large rooms, rooms for group passengers, some dormitories and some single rooms will be built. Four large rooms will be built for administrative control. Passengers will have the facility of group hymns in the morning and evening during a short rest. Multilevel parking will be provided for 50 years according to the requirement of about 100 years. About 20-20 toilets for women and men will be built.

DPR for the project is being prepared by IIT Kharagpur and only when it is finalised the cost of the project will be known. However, it is expected that there will be a project of Rs 150 crore, which will be completed in phases. It will be run by Ayodhya Research Institute.

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