Renovation cost of Hindu Hostel doubles

Renovation cost of Hindu Hostel doubles

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In July 2015, Hindu Hostel in Kolkata was vacated for renovation work. Since then nothing much has happened to the building but the cost of renovation which was estimated at Rs 2 crore then has doubled to Rs 4 crore now.

In 2015, it was estimated that the renovation work would be complete in 11 months. And that has been now revised to mid-July 2018. Heritage architect Partha Ranjan Das is in charge of the project.

The hostel comprises three buildings – two constructed by the erstwhile Presidency College authorities and one by the PWD in the 1960s. Work on the project will be taken up in stages. First, renovation of Building-I and Building-II will be taken up simultaneously. Work in Building-II is likely to be complete by July 15. Renovation of Building-I will be over by the end of this year. Then renovation work in Building-III will be started.

Hindu Hostel, built in 1886, was primarily meant for Hindu students of Presidency College, Calcutta. However, the hostel is now open for students of all religions. It is now meant for students who come from outside Calcutta to study in the Presidency University, Kolkata. The building was built out of funds raised by Ashley Eden and the architect was W.B. Gwyther and the contractor was Rai Khetter Chunder Bannerjee.