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Salem railway station building will get a contemporary look

As a part of station upgradation, Salem Junction is getting a new facelift in a phased manner. Approximately Rs 5 crores has been spent for improvement of station façade. This new façade has given a contemporary look to the station building. The landscaping area has been increased and the height of the compound walls has been reduced to prevent pasting of posters on them. Smooth traffic flow has been ensured in part of the first phase. Separate lanes are provided for buses, commercial vehicle such as taxis and auto, and for private vehicles. New area has been provided for App based car services near the existing vehicle parking stand.

Custom made façade lighting arrangements have been made to illuminate the station building as per the occasion. During the days of national importance such as Independence Day and Republic Day, the building is lit up in tricolours of the National flag.

As a new initiative, green patches and vertical garden have been provided in the circulating area to give a pleasant look. Staircases have been provided with beautiful sceneries. In addition to this, LED backlit Passenger Amenity board and to assist visually challenged persons, Braille boards have been fixed at all amenities over the station. BMI kiosks, massage chairs and pulse kiosks have been installed in the station.

At present all important train services towards Erode are dealt from Platform No.1, for both directions from Platform No. 3 & 4, and some train services are dealt at Platform No. 5. For the benefit of passengers, following improvements on Platform No. 5 have been taken up –

  • Modified platform shelter of new design planned to provide cover over complete platform.
  • Toilets block at both ends of the platform
  • Additional catering stall
  • Lift and escalator connecting other platforms

While all the platforms will be modified under the project, the second entry to the railway station is also being improved. A monumental flag will be installed in front of the station building by 15th February 2020. Airport style lighting will also be done. The upgradation work is likely to be completed by June 2020.

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