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Sand mining ban in Rajasthan to continue

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Rajasthan government may have to wait for at least another six weeks before the Supreme Court reconsiders its decision on ban on sand mining. It may be remembered here that in November last year, the SC had refrained all 82 mining lease/quarry holders from mining sand and ‘bajri’ and asked them to submit a scientific replenishment study. Following this the state government formed a review committee which submitted its report in December. According to cement manufacturing companies, the ban has adversely affected construction activities in the state.

The apex court has said that its order will remain in force for another six weeks until the Union ministry of environment and forests granted environmental clearance (EC) to mining on the basis of replenishment studies submitted by mining lease/quarry holders.

The state government had stated that the SC order had stopped many ongoing projects and adversely affected development. The apex court was not satisfied with the affidavit filed by the state chief secretary and asked the state government to file another one. The apex court had also taken the state government to task over five mining approvals given on agricultural land against its order.

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