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Sand mining to be auctioned in Dehradun

The district administration of Dehradun will start auction for sand mining in Rispana, Bindal, Nalapani, Kunduwala and Bangal rivers from May 28. It may be noted that last year mining was not allowed in these local rivers.  40 bidders who are likely to participate in the auction have already been identified and river mining training was given to them before the auction. The potential bidders were trained about the scientific manner in which they have to conduct the extraction activity. They were also briefed about other norms and regulations regarding collection, transportation and storage of the material.

If river bed material accumulates to the extent where it poses a threat to the structures and human habitation in the surrounding then the district magistrate has been empowered to order for the extraction of the material to ensure protection of people and property under the Disaster Management Act.

Sand is governed by the Uttarakhand Minor Mineral (sand, bajri, boulder, brisk etc.) Policy- 2015. The responsibility of the minor mineral sand is provided to the Geology and Mining unit under Directorate of Industries, Uttarakhand. The allocation of the mining leases for sand reaches in the state is planned through online tender cum forward auction model with a reserve price which is based on the quantity of sand available in the area multiplied by the royalty applicable which is lump sum in Rs/annum which is calculated based on the extractable quantity of sand from the particular area.

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