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Sanjay Puri’s ‘The Street’ wins WAF 2018 award

Mumbai based Sanjay Puri Architects have yet again proved their calibre by winning an award at World Architecture Festival 2018 (WAF18) which concluded on November 30that Amsterdam. Sanjay Puri Architects’ project The Street in Mathura in Uttar Pradesh has won WAF18 award under ‘Large Scale Housing – Completed Buildings’ category.

The Street, an 800-room complex for students in the city of Mathura, is a unique effort by Sanjay Puri Architects to create structure with least environmental impact. It comprises five linear blocks, each 4 levels high thus following the same architectural rhythms seen in Matura’s oldest urban areas. The built spaces snake across a wedge shaped site twisting and turning along their length.

Enough precautions have been taken to ensure its maintenance doesn’t cause much environmental damage either. This is done by installing solar panels and rain water harvesting and recycling systems to help to ensure lesser burden on energy and water consumption. Further, The Street’s rooms’ ventilation openings in internal corridors allow natural light into circulation spaces, reducing electricity loads. Wide ventilation openings let bright and breezy airflow to regulate internal temperatures.

Mathura is in North India where one can experience extreme cold in the winter and extreme hot atmosphere in the summer. The Street’s structure has taken into consideration this temperature wide swings. The Street’s north-facing sides, which is facilitated through large, boxy windows exposes it to sunlight in winter when the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere, preventing rooms from becoming excessively cold. In the summer, these spaces are subsequently shaded and cooled without any excess power needed.

11th edition of the World Architecture Festival took place in Amsterdam from 28-39 November. This year’s awards program received more entries than ever before with a total of 1,000 submissions. Finally, there were 535 shortlisted projects out of which judges selected a host of winners across a range of completed building categories as well as future projects.


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