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Slight changes in original Ram Mandir design likely

Work on Ram Temple in Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh is likely to start next month and the construction  is likely to be completed in three and half years. Meanwhile, some changes in the original design prepared in 1989 by the 80-year-old architect, Ahmedabad-based Chandrakant Sompura, is also planned. Original plan had three domes and a height (ground to dome) of 130-odd feet. As per the new design, the temple will have five domes and its height will be 160 feet.

Sompura’s father Prabhakar was the architect of the Somnath Temple in Gujarat. The family has designed 131 temples including Swami Narayan Temple in Gandhinagar and Ambaji Temple in Palanpur.

The temple may be built in pink sandstone, which is available in plenty in Bansi Paharpur in Rajasthan. The project may require 2.5-3 lakh cubic feet sandstones. Idol in the sanctum will be made out of marble. Plinth area of the temple will be 270 x 126-ft. The temple will have 212 pillars. 16 statues on each column will be carved. 106 out of 212 pillars to be used for temple construction are ready.

The temple will be built in ‘Nagara’ style architecture in which most of the temples are built in North India. “Ashtakon” (Octagonal) characteristic will be the main feature of the temple.

Mr Sompura has many prestigious temple projects to his credit, including Swaminarayan temple in Neasden which is supposed to be world’s largest.

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