Southern Hemisphere’s largest revolving door

Southern Hemisphere’s largest revolving door

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Melbourne’s Rialto Towers has a rare distinction of having Southern Hemisphere’s largest revolving doors. Global architectural revolving door leader Boon Edam has installed five of the largest revolving doors in the Southern Hemisphere, each standing 5 metres tall at Melbourne’s Rialto Towers. The new doors are a striking focal point of the $100m regeneration project for the Rialto building, managed by Built, to modernise the building and extend it by wrapping new buildings around its base.

The doors are part of Boon Edam’s Tourniket range, with custom-made Tournex dual motors to control the giant 1.3t doors. These motors had to be installed at the top and bottom to control the door’s wings and comply with Australian safety standards, which specify that the door needs to be able to stop instantly if an emergency sensor is triggered. Boon Edam worked closely with the project engineers to integrate this dual motor system into the building’s existing infrastructure.

Entrance doors are now more than simply a way in and out; they are mobility hotspots that often give the first impression of a building. Revolving doors are not only one of the most efficient ways to control people in and out of a building, but they also help with sustainability by reducing the load placed on the HVAC system. There is far less mixing of inside and outside air, so less energy is needed to heat or cool the building, says Michael Fisher, Managing Director of Boon Edam Australia. 

Operating in 27 countries, Royal Boon Edam is a global supplier to some of the world’s biggest companies and multinational groups, as well as public and private agencies.  Its global partnerships with multinationals and its list of individual projects throughout the world span such industries as banking, computing, data management, financial services, electronics, insurance, online service providers, petroleum and resources, retailing, telecommunications and vehicle manufacturing.