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Sustainability is the focus at Welcomhotel Shimla

ITC Hotel has opened its 26th Welcomhotel and it has many specialities. Its special because Welcomhotel Shimla is the first property of the brand in Himachal Pradesh. But the hotel is not in the midst of crowded city but is tucked away in an unexplored village with experiential stays, lush green expanse and breathtaking views of the hills.

The design philosophy of the hotel is modern with minute elements of the old world charm and has all the makings of a “Green” hotel with commitment to sustainability – Ecological, Social and Economic. ITC Hotels’ specialized design team was mindful that the authenticity of the land was maintained. Aligning with ITC Hotels’ Responsible Luxury philosophy of conservation of resources, all grey water is treated in-house and used for horticulture. Non-carcinogenic wooden materials are used around the property and intelligent controls have been built in the elevators to maximize movement efficiency.

Welcomhotel Shimla offers a great view of the green splendour with all 47 rooms and suites overlooking the picturesque Mashobra valley. The views are panoramic and unparalleled. The building is laid out to receive maximum natural light and all guest room windows are designed at very specific angles to receive incessant sunlight from dusk to dawn.

Brand Welcomhotel is taking a giant leap, a huge addition of nine new Welcomhotel properties in the next 12 months; almost one new hotel every month making this brand one of the fastest growing brands in the country with an extensive location spread in every region in India.

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