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Synagogue at Mala in Kerala to be repaired

The Kerala government has decided to undertake repairing of Jewish Synagogue at Mala in the state. Repair will cover Masonry, Joinery, Roofing, Finishes and Electrical Works to restore the buildings in its heritage character.

All roof tiles will be dismantled from roof including ridges and valleys and the tiles which can be reused will be cleaned of water weeds, fungi etc., using a wire brush and lime water. 

Timber members, which are not fit to be re-used will be disposed off only if they are deteriorated over 50%. Timber members will be replaced only as a last resort. The timber members will be treated with anti termite treatment before their reuse. 

All electrical conduits will be dismantled and disposed off and new conduits, fixtures and pipes will be laid.

The flooring will be replaced with black oxide flooring and PCC (Plain Cement Concrete) and waterproofing of the floor will be done.

All timber members of doors and windows will  be exposed and treated with a sealer coat after anti termite treatment has been carried out. Old windows and doors contribute immeasurably to the value of a historic building. In case of replacement of a missing door or window, a suitable design in conjunction with the original design of the doors and windows will be installed as per design drawings issued by the Consultant. Old doors and windows will be replaced with new ones only when the timber members have deteriorated beyond 50%.

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