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Tamil heritage based experiential centre planned

Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation (THDC) is planning to set up a Tamil heritage based experiential centre. The centre will come up at the World Tamil Sangam premises in Madurai.

The centre is intended to bring to light the rich history, culture, literature, achievements of Tamil people etc. from the Pre-Sangam period to the modern day today. The centre shall be a place that brings together art, science, history, and culture in an immersive manner and aspects are curated to tell a story. The experience of a visitor to this centre is meant to involve the visual (and sometimes aural sense). The centre should provide an immersive experience, and evoke emotion.

THDC is planning to rope in an experienced agency for this project who will conceptualise, design and execute the project and also take the responsibility of carrying out operations and maintenance of the centre.

Initially a master plan of the centre will be prepared for which opinion and views of the historians will be taken into account. This master plan/ concept plan shall be such that the overall story line of the centre is defined and shall include among other options the use of projections, period settings, enactments, movies, 5D/ 7D experiences, use of models/ technology, sculptures, paintings, arts/ artifacts etc. to bring to life the centre. Once the master plan is approved by the THDC, the project will move to the next stage where development of detailed designs, drawings, scripts, storyboards, theatrical designs, 3D designs of all media experiences etc will be undertaken.

Once the project is successfully executed, the selected agency will need to undertake the operations and maintenance of the Centre including the ticketing area, the parking area, all visitor amenities (except food court and souvenir shop) and landscaping for a period of three years.

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