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Telangana to use data for urban planning

Data is being increasingly used in urban studies and planning practices in developed countries including China. India too seems to be not lagging far behind in this direction. For example, Telangana has decided to use data to improve traffic and for urban planning. The data will pertain to a trend or a pattern and not to an individual. The state government is also willing to work with Uber to access travel data in the city under the latter’s Uber Movement. Uber recently launched ‘Movement’ in India, a free tool that can help support urban planning and data-driven policy making. Four Indian cities- Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad are the cities where Movement is launched.

The state government, under its open data policy, will work on data from multiple stakeholders to improve efficiency of service delivery. The state government is also planning to rope in several startups to address different problems.

Smartcards and open payment systems have revolutionized our understanding of people behaviour by making data collection easier. Unlike the conventional unreliable estimates, random sampling, or survey, modern technology can provide granular details of people’s behaviour which can be profitably used in traffic management and urban planning. Telengana government, perhaps is the first state to move in that direction.

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