The most sustainable restaurant in the world

The most sustainable restaurant in the world

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Located in a small town in Larrabetzu in Spain and integrated into the hillside with native vineyards, Azurmendi is probably one of the most unique sustainable buildings of our modern-day architecture. “With the help of the architect Naia Eguino, we decided to create a space in which nature surrounded the building, combining sustainability, product, and diversity,’ says Azurmendi.

Materials that combine tradition and modernity, along with a rectilinear structure, contribute to create a predominant feeling of warmth and serenity. It was designed to respond to the canons of Basque identity. The stone, traditional symbol of strength in the Basque culture, tradition, and roots. The wood came from Biscayan forests of reasoned culture. The iron, mainly recycled, is powerful, strong, and robust.

Azurmendi reuses rainwater for the garden, greenhouses, toilets, etc. The structure is built in such a way that sunlight is used to the maximum with minimum consumption of artificial light. Further, temperature and ventilation are controlled to reduce the need for air-conditioning. Also, the restaurant produces renewable energy to cover part of the its needs.

The restaurant produces a portion of the vegetables and spices used in the kitchen in its greenhouse and it has planted more than 800 trees to reduce CO2.