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These are architecturally-inspired incense and candles

These candlles are unique in the sense they try to evoke famous architecture of the past. These candles are inspired by the desert setting of the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Arizona home. The Wright candle and incense pairs light floral rose with warm sandy tones. The scent brings the outdoors in and crafts natural elements into a rich and distinct composition. These candles, produced by ‘Yield’, are topped with merlot red colored soy wax chips that melt into a bright rust tone. 

The Architect Series candles and incense are inspired by a selected famous and favorite 20th century architects. Each candle and incense distills distinct elements of place and environment into a balanced and modern scent. The terrazzo colored flakes melt into a color block that morphs and blends with the candle, creating an interesting patina and process throughout burning. 

Yield has designed incense for Wright’s winter house,  Carlo Scarpa’s Brion Tomb and Sanctuary in Italy or John Entenza, who sponsored Ray and Charles Eames’ Case Study Home No. 9 in Southern California.  

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