These chairs are designed to achieve ‘Nirvana’

These chairs are designed to achieve ‘Nirvana’

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Aalto University’s third-year BA students of Interior Architecture have designed twelve spectacularly colourful chairs to help you reach nirvana. These chairs are designed with an intention to help the person sitting on it to reach a meditative state of mind.

“We started planning chairs for relaxation and idleness, and above all what it means as a state of mind. We were playing with the idea if, when relaxing, it is possible to clear one’s mind and reach nirvana. Eventually, this became the name of the exhibition, explains BA student Mindele Grant.

The biggest challenges in chair design were the curves and folds of aluminum blade and polycarbonate sheet. Particularly when making large circular and cup-shaped forms, students and the workshop staff worked tightly together to make the forms possible.

Chairs were designed based on their topic for the semester, that is, “idleness”. The students were supposed to consider the consequences it could have for interior architecture and design.

The chairs are painted in a range of warm yellow, orange and red hues to create a welcoming feeling for people passing by. The easy chair is a special type of chair as it allows freedom of expression and liberty of composition. It is not so exact and strict in its measurements, so experimentation is possible and the designer can move freely within relatively open borders of form, structure, geometry and dimensions. It is a perfect furniture type for sculptural composition, formal expression and artistic ambition.