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Things are stabilising for tiles manufacturers

Intense competition notwithstanding, things seem to be stabilising for tiles manufacturers and majority of the tiles manufacturers rule out further slide in the price of tiles. In fact, some of the vitrified tiles manufacturers (mainly those out of Morbi) are thinking of hiking the prices to partly compensate for increased gas prices.

According to unconfirmed reports, around 4-5 tiles manufacturers pulled down their shutters due to falling prices of tiles and increasing raw material cost (read natural gas price). This development has emboldened some tile manufacturer who are planning to effect a price hike, however a small one, in GVT which has seen price fall of 25-35% fall in last one year. Others, after seeing the market reaction may follow the trend.

Some of the tiles manufacturers had increased prices of some of the products just before the beginning of the festival season. For example, some Morbi players had taken price hike up to 2% in Ceramics and PVT segment in last few weeks. Somany Ceramics had hiked the prices of PVT and ceramics by 2% barring GVT. It hiked the prices by 5% in Sanitaryware segment also.

Despite the intense competition market leader, Kajaria Ceramics, still commands premium for its products.  Price difference between Somany and Kajaria for Ceramics/PVT/GVT, for example, is in the range of 8-9%. Kajaria commands premium mainly due to  brand image and distribution network.

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