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This app is a super hit among land users in Karnataka

Within less than a year after its launch, this app has 4.3 lakh downloads which itself speaks about its popularity and utility. Yes, Karnataka government’s Dishank app is super hit among the land users. Thousands of people use the app daily for buying, selling or managing agricultural property. The Karnataka government launched the app that uses the 1960 survey maps. It helps locate all survey numbers, even those in remote areas. It can distinguish between agriculture and non-agricultural properties. In short, this app helps you ascertain whether the survey number in the khata certificate is accurate.

Until now the layman had no easy way of knowing whether land being sold to him belonged to the seller or not or what category of land it falls under. In many cases, the truth became apparent only after encroachment removal drives.

Dishank app tells the user the location he is standing on is a road, lake, government land or gomal land. The app will give out information on property details based on records maintained by the Karnataka government. The app opens to a geo-referenced map that can identify a plot of land as a wetland, dryland, drains, lakes or government land. With the introduction of the Dishank app, the common man is empowered with information about the land that protects him from being cheated.

Dishank has been an ongoing project for the Karnataka Revenue Department for many years now. the department has collected around 70 lakhs survey numbers and categorized over 2.5 million properties into varied types.

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