This can help you to breathe easily indoors

This can help you to breathe easily indoors

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Here is a product the filters of which can eradicate unwanted smells coming into the house and also provide filtration of pollution from vehicular traffic. The Titon Trimbox NO2 Filter® manufactured by Titon UK, reduces Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), which is predominantly produced by exhaust gases from diesel engines.

Titon developed the Trimbox NO2 Filter® to complement its extensive range of HRV Q Plus Eco mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) units and combat the high levels of nitrogen dioxide found in exhaust gases from diesel engines. The filter incorporates balanced flow technology to provide class leading absorption of NO2 and is available in two duty sizes (depending on the duty required). The product is effective in reducing NO2 to an acceptable mean annual concentration level of 40µQ /m3, while vastly improving indoor air quality (IAQ). Independent tests have demonstrated the Trimbox to absorb 98% of NO2, not only in normal, continuous ventilation mode but also at ‘boost’ or higher ventilation rates.

The HRV10.25 Q Plus Range of MVHR unit comes in two different models; the ‘HMB’ & ‘B’ models which are part of our Eco version range.  Each set out to accommodate our customers’ needs.

The Eco versions offer a 100% airflow diverting Summer Bypass, recognised and listed in the UK Product Characteristics Database. They also include intelligent humidity options and can be fitted with the auralite® status indicator, aura-t™ (HMB and B models), auramode® and aurastat® controllers (B models only).