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This hanging park takes landscaping to new heights

It’s a park, the newest one, in the San Francisco Bay Area that homes 600 trees and 16,000 plants arranged in 13 different botanical feature areas. Though there may be several parks around the world larger in area with much wider variety of plants, the fact that it is located seventy feet above the Grand Hall at the Salesforce Transit Center, a state-​of-​the-​art multimodal transit station in downtown San Francisco, makes this park unique.

Salesforce Transit Center is a transit station designed by world renowned architects, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, that links 11 transit systems and connecting the city to the region, the state, and the nation. The innovative, highly sustainable design includes a 2.2-hectare (5.4-acre) rooftop park that anchors the growth of a new mixed-​use neighborhood.

The new Transit Center stretches for five blocks along Mission Street and the Park runs the entire length of the Transit Center’s nearly four-block stretch.

Dense with nature and activities, the park has over a dozen entry points, potentially including bridges to surrounding buildings. Active and passive uses are woven into the landscape, including a 800-person amphitheater, cafes, and a children’s playground, as well as quiet areas for reading, picnicking or simply taking a break. The park presents a wide variety of Bay Area ecologies, from oak trees to a wetland marsh.

The park is symbolic of Salesforce Transit Center’s considerable commitment to environmental quality and sustainability. The building’s annual energy consumption is projected to be up to 25 percent lower than the 2008 Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards, and the project is on track to receive a Gold certification under the LEED 2009 rating system.

Incidentally, the project has already bagged multiple international architecture awards.

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