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This material can shake up world building material industry

If what this company claims is true then concrete, ceramics, marble, and granite manufacturers all will be in trouble. XMaterials (XMAT), a USA based building and construction materials ICO, has created next generation of building materials using patent-pending, AI-generated recipes, machine-learning, and blockchain technology.

“The concrete, ceramics, marble, and granite industries combined make nearly a $600 billion annually—we will disrupt all four industries,” says XMaterials.  Using algorithms that combine and optimize millions of combinations of raw materials on a near-molecular level, the XMaterials team were able to create material that will be stronger, more affordable, faster-setting, longer-lasting, and more eco-friendly. Being eco-friendly can also help to get the backing of Green enthusiasts.

The major issue with the building materials industry as a whole is that it has failed to evolve in a cost-affordable, intelligent, eco-friendly way. It has not kept up with modern technology, and all those things will be corrected with the entry of XMaterials.

XMaterials can also be made with certain waste materials, which may eventually lead to many more opportunities for scalable recycling and waste reduction. Further, with a factory of just 5 skilled engineers, XMaterials factories can accomplish what would have once taken 31 workers and a lot more manual labor.

In order to meet the supply and demand gap for its enhanced building materials, XMaterials has decided to decentralize its technology so that other building and construction companies that wish to enhance their products can become XMaterials franchisees. In this manner, XMaterials will aggregate and analyze the production data collected from all of its franchises in order to improve its recipes and processes.

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