This mural is going viral on social media!

This mural is going viral on social media!

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This is an era of social media which can make or break anybody’s future. Whether positive or negative, it takes few minutes to become viral and that has happened to a photograph recently. A photo capturing a little girl in Maryland reaching out to a mural of Harriet Tubman is going viral as the people across the country feel that the image conveys a powerful message.

Tracy mother of three year old child Lovie by capturing the photo and uploading it on Facebook has become overnight famous, in fact, more popular than the original artist Michael Rosato! This shows the creativity of the original image, innocence of 3-year old girl, presence of mind of her mother and above all, power of social media! Here are some of the comments on social media –

“Would love to see this image on the currency. Such a fantastic perspective.”

“This moved me deeply. Thank you for posting so I could share.”

“I wish our generation had somebody like Harriet Tubman.”

“That mural! It’s gives me prickles and brings tears to my eyes.”

For 59-year-old artist Michael Rosato its not a new thing as he has produced several such powerful images in the past with strong messages.

Rosato was asked to paint the mural by the Dorchester Center for the Arts for the 50th Anniversary of the Maryland State Arts Council. It was finished on Monday and can be seen on the side of the Harriet Tubman Museum & Educational Center in Cambridge, Maryland. When Tracy took the photo the mural was under preparation, almost nearing completion.

What was Rosato’s idea of the mural? According to the artist, it’s a way of inviting visitors into the museum, which is why the bricks are falling down. He knew once the people saw the mural they would be forced to move forward to touch it and the 3-year old Lovie just did that, even before the mural was complete!