This will be the world’s largest wooden building

This will be the world’s largest wooden building

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The Dutch Mountains in the Dutch city of Veldhoven designed by Studio Marco Vermeulen will be the world’s largest wooden building. The multi-purpose project is expected to be ready by the end of 2020 or early 2021. “The Dutch Mountains is smart, circular and high-tech. In the largest wooden building in the world you come to work, stay and meet. Around a green park a world unfolds with workspaces, hotel and short stay apartments, a conference center and all kinds of comfortable facilities. Our planning is that it will open in 2021,” says the website.

The Dutch Mountains uses high-tech to set a new standard for sustainable and circular development. With the help of technology efforts are made to make the environment healthier, the air cleaner, the room more pleasant. The complex will be self-sufficient, with closed cycles in the areas of energy, water, waste and materials. The high-tech character in The Dutch Mountains coincides with a green environment and natural materials. The complex even includes a park. And the hull is made of solid wood.

The complex will not only use sustainable building materials, but also provide an abundance of green space to create a vibrant, healthy atmosphere. From green roofs and a large park to an artificial marshland, the complex will be virtually covered in vegetation.

The project will include several offices and work spaces, as well as various conference centers. It will also have a hotel located on site and short-stay facilities for out-of-town visitors. It will be a 440-meter long horizontal building in which several companies will be housed in the middle of all kinds of shared facilities.

The project will have more than 100 innovative technologies in areas such as energy, materials, facades, installations and mobility. Largely these innovations would come from the high-tech ecosystem of Eindhoven.