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Uber to help urban planning through ‘Movement’

If you think, cab aggregator Uber is interested only in helping the commuters to move around the city smoothly, you are wrong. The ride-hailing service provider also has public and urban planners in its radar whom it wants to help through an innovative tool. Uber has launched Movement in India, a free tool that can help support urban planning and data-driven policy making.

Uber introduced Movement last year in 10 cities globally, including locations like London and Cincinnati. As part of the second phase, 12 more cities, including 4 Indian cities, are being added. These cities include Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore Hyderabad, Amsterdam, Brisbane, Cairo, Melbourne, Nairobi, Perth, Pittsburgh, and Toronto.

According to a statement by Uber, the tool uses “anonymised data from millions of trips” taken through its platform and can help planners and policymakers to analyse transportation patterns, and make smart investments on future infrastructure project. The tool can also help commuters discover patterns and analyse the impact of events, rush hours, and road closures in cities and help optimise travel time.

“By sharing instances of how the tool can be harnessed to identify and solve for city specific issues and challenges, Uber can help urban planners and administrators around the country develop their own use-cases,” a spokesperson from Uber said.

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