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UP to outsource building approval process

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Like many other states, Uttar Pradesh too is embarking on a project to automate its building approval process. At present, Uttar Pradesh is perhaps one of last few states where building approval process is either manual or partially computerized but not “Automated”. Many states have already started automating their building approval process at least in some of their major cities.

The Housing and Urban Planning Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh intends to outsource the plan approvals of all Development Authorities (DAs), Special Area Development Authorities (SADAs) & U.P. Awas Evam Vikas Parishad (UPAVP) through a web-based auto system software for Online Building Plan Approval System (OBPAS) with minimal human intervention integrating available technologies of all DAs, SADAs & UPAVP and all necessary activities associated with it, through expert software solution providers or Companies as Service Provider for OBPAS on BOO (Build Own and Operate) basis. The selected Software Solution Provider will operate the plan approvals system through its own mechanism for all DAs, SADAs & UPAVP on the prescribed fee and terms & conditions of agreement for each plan for a period of five years.

The present process of plan approval is not only time consuming but also provides scope for subjectivity to interpret bye-laws and site situations effecting norms. Further, there are high chances of errors at all levels of plan sanctioning. On the other hand, online building approval plan will have additional benefit as it helps to integrate with other departments required for various verifications or NOCs. Also, automation will help the authorities in supervising development/construction activities.

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