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Urvai Gate of the historic Gwalior Fort to become TIC

Gwalior Smart CIty Development Corporation Ltd wants to develop a Tourist Information Centre (TIC) for which it has selected location near the Urvai Gate of the historic Gwalior Fort in the city. The state-of-the-art TIC has been envisaged as a one-stop place for tourism related activities that would serve as an interface for specifically projecting Heritage and Culture of Gwalior City. Besides fulfilling obligatory tourism related services ofbookings, information and event managements, the tourist centreis also intended to be the engine of promotion of the city’s tourism and culture by setting up within the facility, an interactive interpretation activity space meant for dissemination of knowledge of natural or cultural heritage of Gwalior Fort as well as the city.

A Heritage Building precinct in the Gwalior Fort area, near the Urvai Gate has been identified to set up the proposed TIC centre. The GSCDCL has decided to undertake up gradation works and physical conservation of the heritage building premise and convert its usage as a Tourist Information Centre. 

Urvai Gate serves as the main vehicular entry point to the historic Gwalior Fort. The scenic narrow valley road to the main fort area is lined with rock-cut Jain statues dating back to 7th century. Since the vehicles and visitors are made to halt at this point, it serves as an appropriate point for the location of a TIC to attract the visiting tourists to the facility. The single-storey building earlier served as a PWD facility but its active usage had declined over the years. It is believed that Its re-use as the proposed TIC would help in revitalising the building precinct and the surrounding area. The built-up area of the existing building portion that is proposed to be developed is 200sqm approximately.

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