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Varanasi International Cooperation & Convention Centre has many unique features

The International Cooperation & Convention Centre ‘Rudraksh’ in Varanasi inaugurated by the Prime Minister yesterday has many design features which are unique to the Centre. As many as 108 Rudraksha have been installed at the convention centre and its roof is shaped like a Shiva Linga.

Kashi has been adorned with so many development projects in the last 7 years, how could this adornment be completed without Rudraksha?, said Prime Minister Modi.  “Now that Kashi which is the real Shiva has worn this Rudraksha, the development of Kashi will shine more, and the beauty of Kashi will increase more.”

The Japan International Cooperation Agency-assisted, the state-of-the-art centre is expected to make Varanasi an attractive destination for conferences, thus drawing more tourists and businesspersons to the city. The project aims to provide opportunities for social and cultural interactions between people at the international convention centre in Varanasi.

The entire building will glow with LED lights at night. They said it will be an environment-friendly building, fit for level 3 of Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA). The two-storey convention centre has been built in Sigra area on 2.87 hectares of land and has a seating capacity of 1,200 people.

It is ideal for holding international conferences, exhibitions and music concerts and other events and the gallery is done up with murals depicting Varanasi’s art, culture and music.

The Convention Centre’s (VCC) main hall may be partitioned into smaller spaces when needed. The VCC will be equipped with adequate security and safety systems. It will have a regular entrance, a service entrance and a separate VIP entrance, making it an ideal destination for holding all types of international events.

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