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Vijayawada’s new opened OPD gets IGBC’s platinum rating

The new OPD block of Railway Hospital, Vijayawada in South Central Railway has been awarded Platinum Rating under the ‘New Service Building’ category by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). This is the first service building of the Vijayawada division that has been facilitated with the platinum rating by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)- IGBC.

The platinum rating certificate awarded to Vijayawada is valid for a period of three years and has been awarded for the green initiatives undertaken at the OPD service building. The evaluation of ranking was based on seven environmental categories defined by IGBC Green Service Buildings category namely, Site Planning and Design; Water Conservation; Energy Efficiency; Building Materials and Resources; Health and Well Being; Green Measures beyond the Fence; Innovation and Performance.

The IGBC-CII, with the support of the Environment Directorate of Indian Railways, has developed the Green-Co Rating System to facilitate the adoption of green concepts, thereby reducing the adverse environmental impacts.

The new OPD block has been designed in such a way that it addresses a number of environmental concerns. High SRI tiles have been used in the exposed roof areas which help in mitigating heat. SRI or solar reflectance index tiles have the ability to reject solar heat, which helps in keeping the area cool.

The OPD building has also focussed on efficient energy performance by making use of LED fixtures, 5-star rated ceiling fans and AC’s and other green pro certified materials. These are of higher quality. Further, 100% roof and non-roof rainwater run-off is captured by rainwater harvesting (RWH) percolation pits.

The OPD has been constructed in such a way that it restores more than 18% of the site area with natural topography and vegetation. It also has a vertical garden. Also, by making use of low-flow water fixtures, more than 31% reduction in water has been ensured.

Other features include treated fresh air which is supplied for all the regularly air-conditioned spaces and 10 kWp capacity solar panels installed on the roof of the building.

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