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VP calls for adopting latest technological advancements in housing

In order to fulfil the responsibility of ‘Housing for All’ in letter and spirit, the Vice President Mr M. Venkaiah Naidu has called for adopting latest technological advancements such as prefabricated buildings, factory-made housing and precast stone blocks. He was speaking on the occasion of virtual inauguration of the Platinum Jubilee Foundation Day of Central Building Research Institute (CSIR-CBRI) yesterday.

Pointing to the fact that the current practices are still largely labour and material intensive, he said this often leads to time and cost overruns. Institutes like CBRI must lead the way in the latest technological advancements like 3-D printed housing and zero energy buildings, Mr Naidu observed.

He also said that our construction workforce must be well-trained in modern construction techniques, noting the huge employment potential in the sector. “Unskilled manpower in this sector must become skilled manpower”, he said.

The Vice President also raised the issue of sustainability in buildings. Underscoring the need for green buildings’, Mr Naidu said that 39% of energy-related CO2 emissions in the world are coming from buildings, a major contributor to greenhouse gases. He called for making green buildings the ‘new normal’ by creating awareness about this concept among the people.

Mr Naidu also highlighted the importance of using ‘green materials.’ Pointing out that the production of traditional construction materials like brick, wood, cement, steel and sand is energy-intensive, the Vice President called for promoting nature-friendly homes by increasing the use of locally available materials or ‘green materials.’ “‘Reduce, reuse and recycle’ should be the mantra of civil engineers and they should utilise the by-products of other industries such as fly ash from power plants”, he added.

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