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World’s largest elevator installed in Mumbai

World’s largest passenger lift, which can carry over 200 people at a go has been installed at the Jio World Centre in Mumbai. The 5-stop and 16-tonne elevator installed at Jio World Centre (JWC), BKC, Mumbai is spread over 25.78 square metre and is tested with high-quality and built-in safety aspects.

The elevator has been installed by KONE Elevators India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of KONE Corporation. ”At KONE, we pride ourselves in offering custom-built solutions for unique projects. Besides our KONE India team, the KONE Global team of major projects experts collaborated with us to design and deliver this most challenging and complex project. We are always up for the challenge, be it in size, speed or in complexity, each project needs careful planning and top-notch project management skills,” said Amit Gossain, Managing Director, KONE Elevators India.

Reliance Industries president, Real Estate, Rajmal Nahar said Jio World Centre has the largest banquet hall, and in any Indian wedding ceremony people like to go together rather than separately.

”So, we decided to install the world’s largest passenger elevator not only to create a buzz but also give joy to people going together. This elevator can easily carry 200 people at a go,” he added.

As a centrepiece of the collaboration-focused design, the elevator provides visitors a glimpse of the expansive world of the Jio World Centre, BKC, which is located in the heart of Mumbai.

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