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World’s largest pneumatic home elevator

Nibav Lifts is all set to launch Nibav Series II MAX Pneumatic Home Elevators that are the World’s quietest, smoothest, and largest.

Nibav Series II Max is the largest Pneumatic Home Lift. Nibav Series II MAX is nearly twice the size of the Series II, occupying nearly 15 square feet. These Nibav home lifts can carry 4 members of the family comfortably. Also, Nibav Series II Max is the World’s quietest and largest Pneumatic Elevator.

In the event of a power failure, the elevator will automatically stop at the nearest floor, and passengers will be able to manually open the door and depart. In the case that the elevator becomes stuck, there is an emergency landing button positioned both inside and outside the elevator that helps users bring the elevator to a halt on the nearest floor. The ‘Sure Stop’ safety feature permits the elevator cabin to stop within 2 inches if pneumatic pressure fails. A standard door locking mechanism ensures that the doors can be unlocked manually in an emergency.

Nibav Elevators do not require a pit or headroom due to which civil work will be practically zero. Lifts will have low-maintenance and cost-effective because they lack lubricant, counterweights, auxiliary batteries, and self-supporting shafts. Nibav elevators come as a pre-assembled unit that can be quickly installed, reducing installation time to just 24 hours while maintaining quality standards.

Further, Nibav elevators are freestanding and require no beam, column, or wall for support. Nibav elevators are eco-friendly due to their reliance on AIR as its primary functioning technology. It operates on a Single-Phase Power Supply with ZERO power consumption.

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