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World’s largest tropical greenhouse

The French design firm Coldefy & Associates is designing world’s largest tropical greenhouse under one roof. Dubbed Tropicalia, the greenhouse is a 15000m2 tropical biodome that creates a harmonious world connecting man to an exotic natural, providing a constant temperature of 28 ∞ C in a region with notoriously poor weather. Whether it is an invitation to a dream, a great trip or an educational trip, Tropicalia is a place of discovery, an amazing and ecological awareness.

Construction of single-domed structure in the Pas-de-Calais area in France, is slated to begin in 2019, with completion expected by 2021. Apart from tropical greenhouse, there will be veterinary clinic, gourmet restaurant and hotel. A 0.62 mile-long footpath will take visitors through a carefully landscaped route complete with bridges, pools and waterfalls.

The absence of any load-bearing columns that would be disrupt the view or introduce artificiality, coupled with the natural treatment of the perimeter vegetal wall that allows a view to the sky from within, visitors have the sensation of a space disconnected from the world outside. From the exterior, the architecture merges with the landscape: the building is partially set in the ground, diminishing its height and impact. From a distant view, the structure rises like a gentle hill in its natural landscape. The roof structure is composed by EFTE pressurized air cushions within an aluminum frame.

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